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Texas After Violence Project Counseling

  • Has your life been touched by a loved one who has been sentenced to death or executed?
  • Are you having a difficult time coping with their anticipated death and long stay on death row?
  • Do you feel alone and like no one understands?

It is not uncommon for families of individuals sentenced to death or who have been executed to face many obstacles in receiving the necessary mental health care to help process such a difficult situation. The stigma that the death penalty carries along with a fear of judgement is enough to want to suffer in silence. It is difficult to trust that someone may be on the family’s side when their loved one’s death was intentionally coordinated by the legal system and/or sometimes celebrated by the public. The emotional turmoil the families experience does not start upon the date of execution, but rather the day their loved one is sentenced to death. Families experience anticipatory grief while trying to juggle the demands of supporting their loved ones in prison, contesting their case, and carrying on with their daily obligations. Many of these families suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety, and guilt as a result. We are here to offer you one less obstacle.

Nancy has been trained as part of the Access to Treatment Initiative by the Texas After Violence Project. She welcomes you to seek relief. There is space for you here. To feel seen and heard. To grieve and shed the guilt. To take a moment to lay down your load and heal.