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Renee Golden, Social Media Intern

About Me

I am currently completing a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in counseling.

Counseling quickly became a field I am not only interested in but also hope to be able to belong to upon furthering my education. With this being said my goal is to further my education by pursuing a master’s program in counseling. In addition to being a full time student I also create and share, as well as consume, content on various social media platforms.

More about me personally, I’ve spent most of my life living either here in North Texas or up in Kansas City,MO so I like to think of myself as a “Show Me-Texan”. Once I learned how to read I never stopped. I’ll read it all from magazines to newspaper articles to book series. Another passion of mine is traveling. Whether it’s hopping in a car for a road trip across the region or booking a flight across the country you can count me and my laptop in. Don’t forget to check out the socials to stay connected!