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Autumn Lee, Counseling Student

Just a Few Questions

  • Are you struggling to connect to your loved ones?
  • Do you need a safe space to process somethings that you haven’t been able to share with others?
  • Are you facing uncertainty with the aging process or struggling to figure out what you want the next phase of your life to look like?
  • Are you a caregiver finding difficulty in balancing the responsibilities of caring for your loved one while trying to live your own life? Are you struggling with emotions that you feel should not be vocalized (isolation, burnout, guilt, anger, resentment, fear, etc.)?
  • Have you found yourself in the latter stages of life and grappling with being able to cope with mortality?

If there is a resounding “YES”, or a hint of “I think that describes me”, then I would be honored to walk with you through your therapeutic journey. You do not have to walk these difficult paths alone, as I am here to support you during the worst and best moments while equipping you with tools to continue in a healthy and honest way.

More About Your Counselor-in-Training

I am currently a student completing my masters in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at Texas Tech University. Previously, I worked as a speech therapy assistant in a neuro-rehabilitation facility for patients who suffered traumatic/acquired brain injuries. Many times, patients felt comfortable enough to confide in me during a session because they simply had to “get it out”. I realized this population and those enmeshed in it often do not get the support they need.

In addition to working with clients who were experiencing TBI’s, my personal and professional experiences (including coming from a strong military family) have given me inspiration to work with the elderly, their caretakers, and veterans; and I am now putting my proverbial “boots” on the ground to come alongside the populations I desire to help.

My goal is to offer an empathetic yet direct approach and utilize CBT and REBT models. I feel this combined approach facilitates open and honest communication to meet individuals right where they are without fear of judgment.

So, who exactly is on the other end of this screen? I am a 4’11”, green chili loving, ball of energy who hails from northern Arizona. I am the oldest of three sisters and an aunt to my niece and two nephews. While I am not a “true” Texan I have been here since 2011 and could not be more grateful for the opportunities and friendships this great state has afforded me. I have two dogs who are basically my children. I love spending quality time with my friends and family, singing karaoke, and watching live community theater when given the chance. Once I graduate, I hope to continue and obtain my doctorate specializing in geriatric counseling and veteran assistance.

Developing Specialties

  • Veterans
  • Elderly
  • Caregivers
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Life Transitions


  • M.S. Rehabilitation Counselor, anticipated graduation Summer 2023 (Texas Tech University)


  • Certified Brain Injury Specialist 


  • American Counseling Association
  • Military and Government Counseling Association